7.22.14 agt

America’s Got Talent Recap: Illusionists Break Boundaries On Judgement Week (7/22/14)

Jul 22, 2014

Now that the auditions are over, America’s Got Talent embarks on a second round of trimming the pool of talents who will be performing during the live shows. The first airing of Judgment Week was phenomenal as a majority of the illusionists broke boundaries with their eerie, freaky and so out-of-the-box tricks. While some acts already earned their right to go straight to the live shows, a number had to impress the judges the second time around before getting the green light to Radio City Music Hall. Judgment Week is remiss of a cheering audience; with just the four judges…

7.22.14 food fighters

Food Fighters Season Premiere: Portland Mom’s Strategy Rakes $60,000 (7/22/14)

Jul 22, 2014

NBC’s Food Fighters premiered tonight and I have to say, the format turned out to be appealing and stimulating at the same time. All the excitement and fun was derived from mixing the facets that MasterChef, Top Chef, Survivor and The Amazing Race provide. Host Adam Richman (from Man v. Food) was a natural in the kitchen as he walked the audience on major aspects that contributed to either a win or loss in a particular dish. The show pits home cooks against a succession of professional chefs within an hour. Each challenge comes with a corresponding cash prize; all…

Judge Mathis Recap: $1,531 for Checks Stolen By Heroin-Addict Son (7/21/14)

Judge Mathis Recap: $1,531 for Checks Stolen By Heroin-Addict Son (7/21/14)

Jul 21, 2014

Judge Mathis awards Tamara & David Carter (right & left, photo) $1,531 for 10 checks that their son Adam Carter had stolen from them. The judge dismisses the emotional distress part of their suit. Next, Judge Mathis awards Martell West $650 for the cost of a dress. He also dismisses Blake “Sasha Love” Jones’ $1,000 countersuit for defamation. Martell had bad-mouthed Blake at the clubs but one club is hiring Sasha now. Stolen Checks Tamara & David of Henderson, NV, sue their heroin-addict son Adam, also of Henderson, for $3,531, for stolen checks, overdraft fees & emotional distress. The judge tells him…

20/20 Recap 7/18/14: Skylar Neese Murdered Because "BFF"s Thought They Could Get Away With It--Police

20/20 Recap 7/18/14: Skylar Neese Murdered Because “BFF”s Thought They Could Get Away With It–Police

Jul 18, 2014

20/20‘s “Unfriended” report is on Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf’s murder of “best friend” Skylar Neese. Officer Jessica Colebank implies that Skylar’s death was a thrill kill. Skylar’s mom Mary Neese doesn’t think that Skylar was going to out Shelia & Rachel, as Skylar had gay & lesbian friends. Skylar had seen Rachel & Shelia engage in sexual relations at a sleepover. She had tweeted, “Know that I know.” and also mentioned about not completely trusting someone. 20/20 reports on high school sophomore Skylar Neese who we recapped on over 4 months ago. Skylar was stabbed dead by her “bff”s Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf,…

Judge Mathis Recap 7/18/14: $5,000 for Emotional Distress Caused by Murdered Son's Grandma

Judge Mathis Recap 7/18/14: $5,000 for Emotional Distress Caused by Murdered Son’s Grandma

Jul 18, 2014

Judge Mathis dismisses Frances Irons’ suit against Nicole Magee (photo), for 1/2 of Nicole’s son’s funeral costs. The judge awards $5,000 to Nicole, for emotional distress, and says that he will ask his staff to give Nicole more money. Next, the judge awards Nicole Hoff $5,000, for 2 years’ rent that ex-fiance Andrew Klein owes her. Lastly, Judge Mathis awards Brenda Ryder $426 for ex-employee Shelley Conroy’s loan. Funeral Costs Frances Irons of Gary, IN, sues her late grandson’s mom Nicole Magee of Indianapolis, IN, for 1/2 of the funeral costs and emotional distress. Nicole countersues Frances for $5,000, for harassment and emotional…

Health TV

7.11.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Review: 5 Supermarket Sections W/ High Germ Exposure (7/11/14)

Supermarkets are the modern gateways to food supplies. While families go the extra mile to consciously take the healthier options offered by these stores, the cleanliness and state of sanitation in the supermarket confines are often overlooked. Early this year, The Dr. Oz Show reminded viewers of the alarming truths in supermarkets and how they could be the source of a variety of germs that could harm families. The results listed below were based on Pete DeLucia’s (photo in this recap) investigations. DeLucia is the Assistant Commissioner of Westchester County’s Health Department. Cart Section. The first thing one does in…

7.11.14 rachael ray

Rachael Ray Show Recap: Skin Protection Tips For The Summer (7/11/14)

Summer is the time for living life to the fullest under the sun. Thing is, the sun’s rays aren’t that friendly, especially to the skin. On The Rachael Ray Show, TV personality and author Dr. Ian Smith (left, photo in this recap) dispensed vital information on skin protection and what to look for in products that are intended to shield your skin while relishing the summer heat. Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Sunscreens are designed to prolong the period of time one can stay under the sun without burning. Sunscreen products indicate the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) it can provide. To determine the…

7.11.14 the chew

The Chew Review: Elements Of A Healthy Breakfast (7/11/14)

Fridays on The Chew are all about getting the best value out of your money. When it comes to matters concerning breakfast, the best ones always have the essential nutrients that power you through the day. In case you’ve missed the news, skipping breakfast makes you feeling physically and mentally exhausted and unfocused. Check out what a healthy breakfast ought to be and how you can go easy on the budget. Healthy Breakfast Essentials A healthy, hearty and complete breakfast is packed with protein, good carbohydrates and laden with vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Protein keeps one focused…

7.10.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Review: How Does Wheat Undermine Health & Weight Loss Efforts? (7/10/14)

In January 2014, The Dr. Oz Show featured cardiologist Dr. William Davis (photo in this recap) and his study on the damaging effects of wheat to the human body. Dr. Davis is the author of Wheat Belly, the book that places wheat in a new spotlight, and it definitely contradicts beliefs that this is far from a weight-loser’s best friend. Wheat is Addicting In a 2013 article, Dr. Davis noted that wheat contains gliadin protein which makes a person potentially addicted to wheat and carbs over and over again. Gliadin is also an appetite stimulant; compounded by its addictive property, gliadin creates intense…