ABC Have Found Their Wonder Woman

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC have found their Wonder Woman and her name is; Adrianne Palicki.

Name don’t ring a bell? How about the picture to the left of these words?

Still no?

If you watch Friday Night Lights then you’re probably familiar with her. I’ve never seen the show so that’s why I drew a blank when I first saw her name. Anyway, she’s been in quite a few shows, so with no time to waste, we’ll do a quick bio in bullet point style…

  • She’s 27.
  • Her first proper acting gig was the failed Lost in Space reboot pilot; The Robinsons: Lost in Space, where she played Judy Robinson. (If like me you didn’t even know they made a Lost In Space pilot, here’s the link to it on Youtube.)
  • She’s been in Smallville.
  • Starred in the failed Aquaman TV pilot. (You can watch the pilot here)
  • Provides some voices for Robot Chicken (Amidala/Cynthia Rothrock)
  • Is the reason Sam from Supernatural hunts ghosts. (Played Sam’s murdered girlfriend Jessica)
  • Starred in the recently completed Red Dawn remake.

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