Anita Dobson Admits She Regrets Nothing

Back in the 80’s, Anita Dobson was big, I’m talking front page headlines big. When she played Angie Watts on the hit BBC1 soap Eastenders, she captured the hearts of a nation.

But since then, well, she kind of just faded into obscurity even though she married Queen guitarist Brian May. Digital Spy recently caught up with the actress and asked her if she had any regrets about her role in Eastenders…

“I went from being a jobbing actress who was just earning a living to being the second most photographed woman in Britain, next to Princess Diana – but it was exciting too and I wouldn’t have swapped it for a second.

Wonderful things happened to me – I met my husband, I got invited to previews and premieres, I was asked to do fashion shoots and front covers of magazines. You’ve just got to embrace it and do the best you can.”

On why her character was so popular…

“I think it was the fact that she was a survivor and she was funny.

That’s what drew me to the character – that she could be on the floor, drunk, weeping buckets, mascara everywhere, then drag herself up the next morning in that old blue dressing gown, tidy herself up and be in the bar that night telling jokes and looking a million dollars.”

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