American Idol’s Jennifer Lopez Crashes And Burns

Wednesday night Jennifer Lopez got more emotional than the contestants that the judging group had to cut to get to the final 24 for the popular American Idol show. Jennifer had the unfortunate job of telling Chris Medina that he did not make the cut last night and after Chris left the stage she broke down in tears and told her judging partners that she could have done better at telling Chris he did not make the top 24. She went on to say that she could not go on anymore with the cuts and that is how the show ended.

Chris Medina was the fellow that is engaged to a gal that was seriously injured in an auto accident and suffered massive head trauma. In the shows recruiting process, the judges got to meet his girlfriend and it was quite an emotional experience for all. Most people would walk away from someone that had suffered such a debilitating trauma, but Chris hung in there and has helped his fiancée in her rehabilitation progress.

I personally thought that Chris would make it in to the top 24, as he is not a bad singer. I further thought that his journey in the show would be long before being eliminated. What is pretty obvious now is the fact that the judges are choosing the best top 24 singers for this new season which is chock full of very good contestants. We will have to wait till tonight to see if Jennifer Lopez can pull it together and who will round out the top 24.

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