Locke & Key Creator Happy With Jesse McCartney Casting

Joe Hill, the creator of the cult comic book series Lock & Key has revealed, in an interview with MTV that he initially had some reservations about the casting Jesse McCartney in the upcoming Fox TV adaptation.

McCartney won the role of Tyler, the eldest son of Nina Locke (to be played by Miranda Otto in the pilot)

Hill told MTV about his initial doubts over the casting…

“Initially I had my doubts [about Jesse], not knowing anything about him except that he had a music career.

I watched him perform a couple scenes and was not just impressed, but kind of rattled by how well he brings off Tyler. Jess has depth and gravity and a kind of sweet, bruised innocence that really captures what I was after in the character.”

He then rubbished the rumours that the new show would have a musical base due to McCartney’s musical background…

“There’s this rumour going around that… music [will be] a major aspect of the show. That your basic internet nonsense, right there. Tyler isn’t going to have a dance-off with Sam Lesser. It’s a horror show.”

Photo courtesy of deadline.com