Michael Fassbender Says Magneto Is Like Malcolm X

X-Men star Michael Fassbender has, in an interview with the A.V. Club revealed that he believes his character in the upcoming superhero prequel; Magneto, has a lot of similarities with Malcolm X.

In the interview, Fassbender said that his approach to the role of the super villain was based on the fact Magento and his nemesis were the mutant equivalents of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X…

“With Magneto, there is a very specific history that’s happened to him in the comic books, which is pretty heavy. So you use all of that, and then their moral standpoint is formed from their history and their environment.

“That’s the interesting thing about Magneto. The way we were looking at it was that Charles is like Martin Luther King and Magneto is more Malcolm X.”

He then detailed the difference between Xavier and Magneto…

“That’s the difference between him and Charles. Charles has hope in human beings, and Magneto thinks they’re just standing in the way of evolution. They’re going to wipe us out if we don’t wipe them out.”

Photo courtesy of flmboynt.com