Sucker Punch Review: This Movie Rocks My World!

Sucker Punch opened this week to many “less than kind reviews” and I think they do an injustice to this great movie. This is a Zack Snyder masterpiece and it was a good decision to give him full control in this film. Carla Gugino, who plays a Madam villain, just got bumped up on my hotness scale as she is exotic and enticing playing the “bad girl”. Don’t get me wrong here, this film will not win any Oscars but it will be a hit with all of us nerds. The film perfectly blends sexy hot females and non stop action to make it the best action flick I have seen this year.

The premise of the film, as there is not enough coherence in anything to be called a plot, is simple. Good girl Baby Doll, played by Emily Browning, gets sent to an asylum by her stepfather for sinister reasons. Baby Doll needs to escape as she will be forever changed by a labotomy in 5 days. Baby Doll gets her gang of new friends Sweat Pea, played by Abbie Cornish, Rocket, played by Jena Malone, Blondie, played by Vanessa Hudgens, and Amber, played by Jamie Chung, to escape with her and then this movie takes a strange turn. We are suddenly transported to a fantasy world, where the girls must fight for their lives and try to get 5 mysterious objects that will set them free. In this fantasy world, the girls are ruthless fighters and there is all kinds of blood and guts action. Snyder shows he is a master of fantasy and action as the girls fight German zombies, knights from medieval times, and even a dragon. The purpose served by mixing all of this action and fantasy with some very hot women has been lost on many of the older critics, who just don’t get it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sucker Punch and will go see it again. This movie is great fantasy and action with a dab of sexiness that is seldom seen in movies today. Hollywood needs to learn a lesson from Zack Snyder and give us more of this kind of film. I like a good drama just like anyone else but sometimes I want mindless sexy entertainment and Sucker Punch by Zack Snyder delivers that in spades.