Water For Elephants Review: Stay Away From This Snooze Fest

Water For Elephants was a movie I was looking forward to reviewing but it turned out to be a big disappointment. With the hunky Robert Pattinson and veteran Reese Witherspoon, this film should have delivered some very good interaction and “heat” but actually flat. Pattinson seemed stuck in his vampire role from “Twilight” and never really excited me. Witherspoon seemed like she was lost and never impressed me at all. Maybe it was the script but these two never gave me impression that there was anything between them. I liked the footage of the circus and director Francis Lawrence seemed to capture the time period reasonably well. This movie failed on all points to me. The circus was not fun, the characters never evolved, and the love triangle never seemed the least bit real. Water For Elephants is a snooze fest that will bore you to death.