Cars 2 Review: A Kid’s Wild Ride Fantasy Show That Won’t Bore You

Cars 2 is one of my son’s most anticipated movies of the year and it did not disappoint him with its new characters and vivid action. John Lasseter, director of Cars and Cars 2, would make the greatest babysitter in the world because he is a genius at what kids want and enjoy. My son sat glued to the screen the whole movie and never once got bored. That is a tribute to Cars 2 having non stop action and vivid scenes. I even enjoyed the plot of how Mater was caught up in the “spy” world but I don’t want to give away any spoilers here. Cars 2 gets its news plot based on the advent of a new fuel that will get us away from oil dependence and thus an around the world trip is in the plans for Lightning McQueen and Mater. Mater and McQueen get to go to Japan, England, and Italy. Lasseter masterfully spins these new backdrops into the story and even gives kids a little history and geography lesson. The 3D jumps out at you and makes the movie more fun without being overly used. I liked Cars and was hopeful that the sequels was a much fun as the first movie. I wasn’t disappointed as the plot was enough to make me laugh and keep me interested as much as my son. Cars 2 is a great 3D sequel that the whole family will enjoy. Below is a trailer for Cars 2 from YouTube: