Zookeeper Review: Kevin James Delivers A Hit Again

Zookeeper is the latest movie from Columbia Tri Star and is a great family film that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for the underdog. The plot is a simple one of a man, who is clueless as to how relationships work, gets a little help from his “coworkers”. Of course, these coworkers are the animals in a zoo and are played by some heavy hitters in Hollywood. Sylvester Stallone plays a Lion, Nick Nolte gets the part of a gorilla, and veteran funny man Adam Sandler does a masterful monkey. Kevin James plays Griffin Keyes in a role he has played before of a man who is not that comfortable with “the ladies”. When Griffin, James, decides to leave his job to pursue his love interest, the animals start talking to him and even manage to give him advice on how to win over his girl. James is a master at this role and doesn’t disappoint in this film. There are times you will laugh in this film and time you will almost cry for Griffin. Zookeeper is full of touching moments and semi clean comedy that is appropriate for older children and adults. Kevin James has a hit with Zookeeper and it is a film I would recommend for some good clean mindless fun. The You Tube Trailer for Zookeeper is below: