The Bachelorette: Final Two Bachelors Battle For Ashley

The Bachelorette has had many ups and downs this season and tonight the final two were announced at the rose ceremony. The show went to Fiji this week where Ashley went on a date with all three bachelors, Ben, Constantine, and JP. The dates this week were especially interesting as the couples could possibly spend the entire night together. Hope was kept alive on two dates but one bachelor threw in the towel.
The first date was with Ben and Ashley took him on a yacht to go snorkeling and then a romantic dinner on the beach. The couple ended up spending the night together but Ben could never muster the courage to tell Ashley he loved her. Ben seems to have developed a great relationship with Ashley but for some reason he just can’t say the magic 4 letter word yet. The second date was with Constantine and it involved a romantic helicopter tour of the islands and followed with dinner in a cove. While talking, you could see Ashley was pressing him on what his feeling were as she was clearly unsure. Constantine came out with it and said it was over for him as he didn’t want to jump into anything. Ashley sure got that point so the decision at the rose ceremony will be easy tonight.
Ashley then goes to see Ryan, who surprised her at the beginning of the show by telling her he was there because he didn’t feel they had enough time to get to know each other and he wanted another chance. Of course, Ashley told him she thought she had found “the one” and left the poor guy hanging in the breeze. It was off to date number three with JP and Ashley took him on a sea plane to Namenalala Island where they enjoyed a romantic night together. Ashley told JP the 2 people had already gone home on this episode and had to explain that one was Constantine and the other was the ever persistent Ryan. You could see JP was excited over this news.
The rose ceremony was short and to the point with Ashley giving roses to Ben and JP with the condition that their acceptance meant they were ready to pursue and engagement. We will see next week which bachelor Ashley will choose in the season finale of “The Bachelorette”.

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