Big Brother 13 8/1 Morning Update: Worried Team Brenchel Makes Last Minute Appeals

Big Brother 13 was rocked this week with the HOH winner Danielle as she put up team Brenchel for elimination and threw her luck to the wind. Danielle was foiled a little as Brendon won the POV competition and this threw a kink in her strategy. Now Danielle has to nominate someone else as it looks like Brendon will use the POV on himself. Danielle has struck alliances with Jeff and Jordan and promised not to put them up. Jeff and Jordan knows that Danielle has been back dooring them now as Rachel spilled all the beans late last night on the live feeds to Jordan. Team Brenchel has talked to Team JJ about how they need to stick together as they are the last two couples in the competition. There is a lot of logic to this strategy as it would give them a majority vote on anything they agreed. Rachel and Brendon both have tried to smooth things over with Danielle so they will not alienate her no matter who stays. Porsche has talked to Danielle and thinks Danielle is going to put her up against Rachel. This is denied by Danielle. Shelly is really nervous as she is going around trying to tally votes if she gets nominated. Kalia is just playing around and acts like she is not in trouble. Now none of the newbies have really done anything here and are just cruising while letting the veterans fight it out.
It will all play out tonight as Brendon will make it known how he is going to use the POV. If he takes himself out as he has been hinting all weekend, it will depend on what Danielle does. Now here is what we can gather by watching the feeds. If Danielle puts up Porsche, then Rachel goes home. If Danielle puts up Shelly, the Rachel stays. If Danielle puts up either Kalia or Lawon it is a toss up and could go either way. If Danielle puts up Jeff or Jordan the Rachel goes home. We will be back later today and give you the lowdown on how this is all playing out on the Big Brother 13 live feeds.