America’s Got Talent 8/2/11: Some Performers Stumble The Rest Shine

America’s Got Talent started tonight with the last episode of the quarter finals and this had to be the toughest show of the season to judge because almost everyone brought out their “A” game. The show looked like it was headed into the doldrums as “The Kinetic King” really performed badly due to malfunctions of his set. Piers Morgan said this had to be the first time he has seen an act go so bad in this competition. None of the routine worked properly and it had to be set off in stages and not all at once. Next up was team Zuma Zuma and their acrobatic routine was one of the best they have done this season. They were perfectly synchronized throughout their whole performance. The third act was Avery and the Calico Hearts, a group of “Pre Teens” who have outstanding harmony and stage presence. The young performers were all over the stage tonight and their harmony was spot on. The juggler Charles Peachock was next to go on a performed his juggling act while playing the piano. Howie and Sharon bot buzzed this act and said it wasn’t as goo as his past performances. Piers must love juggling as he thought it was great. Sam B came out a performed a dance routine with a definit 80’s theme and it was fantastic. Piers doesn’t like this guy because he told everyone he hopes they vote for someone else. Taylor Davis came out tonight and sounded awful. Piers buzzed him and said it was if he was in the wrong key or something. It was one of the worst performances we have seen from him this year. Melissa Villasenor came out strong tonight with her impressions of Judy Garland, Britney Spears, and Owen Wilson but she did falter in her impressions of Mariah Carey and Sharon Osbourne. Scott Alexander mad e an entire choir disappear from the stage and then re appear in the balcony. It was a neat trick but he lacks a certain stage presence. The dance group Fatally Unique brought their “A” game tonight with a stepped up routine that had a lot of energy and excitement. All three judges praised them and we agree. The bicycle stunt group Yellow Designs Stunt Team did a great routine in a sort of fantasy setting. Their tricks and jumps were “spot on” with the exception of one missed jump near the end. These guys are terrific. Next up was Frank Miles, another juggler, who seems to have a death wish as he combined crossbows and juggling. he did miss his last stunt where he was trying to hit a donut with the dart but overall it was a good routine. The last group up tonight was Team iLuminate and these guys were great. They performed to “ET” Katy Perry and this was definitely the best act of the night. Now it is up to America to vote to see who advances in the 2011 season of America’s Got Talent.