Big Brother 13 Friday 8/12 Update: New HOH Gives Her Nominations

Big Brother 13 was rocked yesterday as it seemed Daniele’s alliance with the newbies had fallen apart after Brendon returned to the show. All was not lost as Daniele won the competition for HOH so she still has power this week. Daniele is currently picking her nominations and we will give it to you as soon as the live feeds are back up. Now with Daniele in power, she can break up the team Brenchel and team JJ alliance. We know she has no love for Rachel, but she is also worried about Jeff as he vowed revenge against her last week when she nominated him with Rachel. Luckily, he won the POV. Now Daniele has been talking to everyone all day. We thought she would put up Brendon and Jeff just to get rid of one of them. These conversations all day have us wondering if Daniele had something sinister in play with someone we didn’t know about. Now she has said to Kalia that she is thinking of putting up Adam. She has also told team Brenchel that they might have an alliance with her and the three of them could go after team JJ. Now we will see how these deals have worked. Check back as we will update this with the results of the nominations as soon as the live feeds return.

UPDATE 5:10 BBT: We are still blocked on the live feeds. Looks like something is taking quite a long time. We will update as soon as we get the feeds back.
UPDATE 5:55 BBT: Still waiting. This must be serious.
UPDATE: Looks like Daniele put up Rachel and Adam as she is discussing it with Adam now. the plan is to get someone on her side to win the POV so she can get him voted out. We will let you know for sure in a few minutes as there is a lot of talk in the house now.

UPDATE 7:25 pm BBT: It is definitely Adam and I think it is Rachel. Adam seems really frustrated as Daniele told him to just win the POV if he wants to stay.
UPDATE 7:45pm BBT: Ok it is definitely Adam and Shelly who have been nominated. It took a while to figure out because there was so much going on. Jordan called a meeting with Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Porche, and Shelly. Jeff went ballistic because Jordan keeps them in the middle of stuff when they should just keep quiet.

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