Big Brother 13 Spoiler: POV Competition Provides Prizes For Everyone

Big Brother 13 POV competition today provided lots of prizes to be won and everybody won something. The biggest winners are Adam and Daniele. SPOILER AHEAD: Now we have finally gotten the right information as to what happened. We thought it was Daniele that won the POV and she did win it, but not for this week. The POV was won by Adam for this week and Daniele won the POV for next week so this will help keep her in power. Adam is sure to pull himself off this week and of course Daniele will put up Brendon as this was her plan from the beginning. Shelly won a phone call from home but it came with a price that she has to be in isolation now. How long this isolation lasts we don’t know. Team JJ showed their courage and support for each other as Jordan took the “booby” prize where she has to wear a unitard that says “I’m With Stupid” on the front (an arrow point up to her face) and “kick me” on the back. Jeff got an undetermined amount of cash. Kalia won a trip to the Carribean so she gets a great vacation. Ok so what will Daniele do? She wants team Brenchel out of there and if she can hold onto Adam and Porsche then she has two weeks of veto power and a chance at getting rid of Brenchel. Jordan is acting kinda weird toward Rachel when Rachel asked if she had her vote if she goes up so team JJ may be defecting to the “Daniele Dark Side”. Check back tomorrow for another daily update on Big Brother 13.