Big Brother 13 Update Wednesday 8/17: Team Brenchel Is Toast Daniele Is An Artist

Big Brother 13 had the POV contest and results tonight where we saw Adam win and he is using the POV on himself. Now Daniele has played this game masterfully this week by keeping her thoughts to herself and not letting anyone know her true motives. She has successfully broken up the team JJ and team Brenchel alliance. Team Brenchel went to her earlier in the week and tried to form an alliance and throw team JJ under the bus. Daniele played along and all the while was informing team JJ of what was going on. Today on the feeds Jeff finally admitted he doesn’t trust Brenchel and will probably not be voting for Brendon to stay. Of course Rachel got all hyper and just dug the knife a little deeper into the alliance with team JJ. Judging from our vote tally, Brendon is toast and will be voted out this week. Now Jeff and Jordan think they have a new alliance with Adam and Shelly. This is not true as it is Daniele pulling Shelly’s strings like a puppet. She has gotten Porsche against Rachel and now Porsche will side with her on anything. Daniele is becoming quite an artist at playing all the house guests and getting them to do her bidding. Now on to a lighter topic, or heavier as the case may be, Kalia was actually spotted twice today talking without gobs of food in her mouth. Now this was only twice and the other 50 or so times we had her on cam she was still feeding like a hog at a slop troth. We are waiting for the moment she busts out of her clothes on cam. Check back tomorrow for the live updates of the eviction ceremony on Big Brother 13.