HP Touchpad Loses To Ipad: HP Stops Production Amid Low Sales Figures

The HP Touchpad is not much more than a month old. We have had ours here for 3 weeks now and have been putting it through some tests for a review. HP announced today that it was stopping production on the Touchpad and is not planning to use the WebOS operating system in any of its devices. CEO Leo Apotheker told the Christian Science Monitor, “Our TouchPad has not been gaining enough traction in the marketplace. We have made the difficult but necessary decision to shut down the WebOS hardware operations.” They also said that Best Buy had not sold over 10% of its current inventory even with the $100 dollar price break announced last week. This is bad news for those of us that like the HP Touchpad.
We bought our Touchpad on July 6th and have been putting it through the grind here. I have personally had this unit for 2 weeks now and I like it. Of course, there are almost no apps for it compared to what you get with an iPad2. Apple will always dominate there. The HP Touchpad worked well while browsing the web. Pages loaded quickly and the connection was always easy to acquire. I have had trouble getting my iPad to connect to certain secured networks that I use. I never had that problem with the HP connecting to any network I use. Now the battery life was right there with the iPad2 and we see no big difference in time between charges of the two. The screen is clear, the graphics load fast for what we were doing and I actually think this keyboard is better than the iPad2. It is a little sensitive and needed some tweaking, but I never had problems with “wrong keys” being pressed. My final conclusion is that the HP Touchpad is a good device. It is not an iPad2 and could never compete with all the apps the Apple has. If you want a nice tablet to surf the web, the discounts that are evidently coming from HP will make this a nice little tablet for those who don’t need all the apps.
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