Northern Regional Finals Of Karaoke Battle USA Sends 2 More To The Semi Finals

Karaoke Battle USA dropped in to Chicago last night for the Northern Regional Finals where only two contestants would advance to Los Angeles. Now there was a lot of great performers tonight and our favorite was Cassandra Mar Jopp from Fargo, North Dakota. She sang “Let Er Rip” by the Dixie Chicks. Cassandra gave an outstanding performance and didn’t miss a note. It is hard to hit those high notes the Dixie Chicks can do but she tackled it with ease. Another stand out tonight was Jeremy Wallis and he sang “Walking In Memphis”. Jeremy has a great voice that is perfect for this song. His voice has a certain “smokiness” to it that fit well and his vocals were spot on. The judges were impressed also but would it be enough to send him on to LA. Josh Scholl sang Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” next and it was great. Any guy that can take a girl song and make it his own deserves to advance in our book. The judges loved Josh and he and Jeremy were named the finalists. One of these two would advance. Jeremy sang “The Change” by Garth Brooks on his second solo and it was OK but he seemed to strain a little on the higher notes. Josh decide to go all out for his next solo and sang Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend”. He was full of energy and was all over the stage with this energetic song. In the end, the judges gave Josh Scholl the nod to advance to LA. Next up was the girls and the two top girls were Cassandra Mae Jopp and Dominique Hutchinson. Both of these girls pulled out all the stops. First up was Dominique who sang “The House that Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. this was a bad choice as she couldn’t quite get the vocal right as her voice is not the right tone for the song. Next, Cassandra sang “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. This song sent chills down my spine. She hit every note and had tremendous power in her voice. It was no question for the judges and they told Cassandra Mae Jopp she will be heading to LA. So there you have it. Cassandra Mae Jopp and Josh Scholl will advance to LA in Karaoke Battle USA.