Big Brother 13 Spoiler 8/29: POV Used. Now Who Goes Home?

Big Brother 13 live feeds showed us the POV ceremony today and Rachel used her veto to take both her and Jordan off of the eviction block. This left Porsche with only one alternative and she had to place both Adam and Shelly up since they are playing “Doubles”. Now this gives Rachel and Jordan the commanding decision in who will go home as it will be just them and Kalia who are voting. This has sent Kalia into “ultra nice” mode and she is trying to work with team RJ and let her opinion be known. Seems like Kalia wants Shelly to leave just like team RJ but she kinda would like to be rid of Adam as he is a better competitor. You can see it is killing Porsche and Kalia to have to work with Rachel, who they really dislike. it is a mad scramble by both team PK and team RJ to get Adam to side with them. Adam is not giving away anything and is saying he is in it for himself from here on out. Kalia has been touting the benefits of keeping Shelly to team RJ but they know that Shelly changes sides more than Britney Spears changes clothes at a concert. They would rather take their chances with Adam. Now the HOH competition is crucial this week as whoever wins will be guaranteed a final four spot. Rachel and Jordan both know that one of them has to win or they will certainly be upon the block. The spoiler could be Adam, if he wins the HOH it will change the game yet again as he is not in an alliance with anybody. Thursday will be a big day for BB13. Check back tomorrow as we will give you another daily update on Big Brother 13.


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    I am soooo glad that Rachel won POV. I have wanted to see Shelly go for a long time. She has not won any competition and as far as I am concerned she is a big floater. That being said, Adam is also a floater. I have been waiting for him to do something to show that he is actually in the game. He couldn’t win a competition if his life depended on it. I would love to see both him and Shelly go and have Rachel, Jordan, Kahlia and Porche be the final four. That would make it real interesting. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.