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Big Brother 13 Friday 9/2 Update: Nominations And Scheming

The Big Brother 13 nominations ceremony was held today and there were no surprises as to who Rachel put up for eviction. She had been talking constantly all last night about how she was putting up both Kalia and Porsche and she did. Now this sent Kalia off in a little “tizzy” as she complained about how everybody keeps putting up players and leaving the floaters to just coast along. She was talking of Jordan and Adam of course. Kalia seems to forget that she did the same thing when she was HOH. It looks like you would want to get rid of the people who can actually play and leave the finals to just you and a bunch of floater if you can. Now Kalia immediately went to Adam to try to get him on her side. Adam is playing it cool and Kalia thinks he is more friendly with Porsche. It is true that Adam and Porsche have developed a loose bond but he is in this to try to win and team RJ is where his loyalties are right now. I think Adam respects Rachel a little since she seems so invincible and always gets back in the game when it looks hopeless for her. maybe Rachel is made of teflon as nothing has stuck to her this whole season. Rachel is leaning towards getting rid of Kalia and Adam should go along with this. The final four of Porsche, Jordan, Adam, and Rachel will better his odds as he can beat Jordan and Porsche more so than Kalia. Looks like we are in for a few days of whining form Porsche and Kalia unless one of them wins the POV.

One Response to “Big Brother 13 Friday 9/2 Update: Nominations And Scheming”
  1. Larry says:

    Rachel need to go. I am so tired of her ups and downs. There is no “regular” Rachel as she is either bouncing off the walls or she is down in the dumps. She has whined her way through this whole season and if she wins it willbe very disappointing.