Big Brother 13 Spoiler 9/2: Rachel Takes Charge In Mad Dash To Final Four

Big Brother 13 had their live eviction show last night and we got to see Shelly get sent packing for the jury. What we didn’t see is the end of the HOH competition and who won. Watching the live feed after the regular show, we saw Rachel win the HOH competition. Now we know that she will put up Porsche and Kalia and she has the votes to send either of them home. Jordan will definitely follow her lead and Adam looks like he is playing along for now. The question is who will it be. She knows that Adam and Porsche are close and that could be a trouble spot for her later. Rachel knows that Kalia is much stronger than Porsche so she is leaning toward getting rid  of her first. This will all depend on who wins the POV competition on Saturday. If Kalia or Porsche win then they will use the veto to save themselves. If Jordan plays and can finally win something this season or if Adam wins, Kalia will be gone by this time next week. Rachel has been running around gloating since last night. Kalia and Porsche are complaining about Rachel and how she seems to be invincible this year. She just keeps coming back when you least expect it. Expect a lot of drama and game play from both Porsche and Kalia today on Adam. They both know they have lost control and need a miracle or a very big upset in the power of team RJ and are getting desperate. Check back later today as we will provide another daily update of Big Brother 13.


  1. Adrianne says

    This is the woman that will not go away. Every time it looks like she is definitley gone something happens and she gets back in. Now she is in control and guaranteed a final four spot. this is ridiculous.