Big Brother 13 Spoiler 9/5: Adam’s POV Is Decided

The Big Brother 13 house had the POV ceremony today and Adam had to make the decision as to whether he would use it to take down Porsche or not do anything. Just as he has kept his word to anyone he has worked with, Adam did not use his POV so both Kalia and Porsche are still up for elimination. Kalia is very frustrated as she knows that Rachel wants her gone and that Adam and Porsche have a better relationship. Kalia has lied to too many people and it finally caught up with her. Adam told her to her face today that she has lost his trust when she went against him before. In his speech, Adam talked of loyalty and keeping his word. He had made a promise to both Jordan and Rachel that if they protected him last week, then he would be there for them. Adam is actually thinking of how it would be nice to beat two veterans and win Big Brother 13. He wants to see what he is made of and go up against Rachel in the finals. Kalia has resigned herself to her fate. It is kind of funny how the house guests get calmer when all their schemes are exposed and they are about to pay for them. Adam has talked to Rachel and Jordan and they have a final three deal if one of them wins the HOH this week. Porsche will need to win the HOH or the veto to stay in the game. Rachel and Adam talked all possible scenarios and how Porsche could put a kink in their final three deal. Adam understands and is in agreement. Kalia will be heading to the jury on Thursday and then we will see if Porsche can win the HOH competition. Check back tomorrow as we will have another daily update of Big Brother 13.