Big Brother 13 9/11 Spoiler: A Final Two Deal Is Made?

Big Brother 13 today had the house guests talking about 9/11 and they are planning to do their own 9/11 tribute at 9:11pm BBT on the live feeds. Spoiler Alert Don’t Read On If You Don’t Want To Know Porsche won the second HOH competition between her and Adam as we reported yesterday. Adam seems to know that he has very little chance at the final two and has been campaigning big time to both Rachel and Porsche. Porsche wants to tell him she has already made up her mind so she doesn’t have to listen to it but she knows that she would be doing the same thing. Both Porsche and Rachel seem to have already made their decision and will go head to head in the final two. Their is only one competition left and it will be between Porsche and Rachel. Adam is pretty beat up from the competition yesterday where they had to navigate a maze underwater and complete a puzzle of some kind based on BB contestants. Porsche got cut on her arm and Adam cut his hands and one arm is swollen. He kept getting called to the DR and was getting Advil for the pain. The house guests are waiting now for the Showtime show. Check back tomorrow as we will bring you another daily update of Big Brother 13 from the live feeds and will break in with spoilers if something interesting happens.