America’s Got Talent Final Results: Who Won AGT 2011?

America’s got talent had their final results show tonight and we had a surprising winner this year, NOT! Usually singers dominate the finals but and this year was no exception. The final four were Team iLuminate, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Poplyfe, and the Silhouettes. The first announcement was that Poplyfe is the fourth place winner. Team iluminate is robbed next as they are told they get the third place prize. It is down to the Silhouettes and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. In the end, the Silhouettes are the second place winners and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. wind the $1,000,000 dollar grand prize on the 2011 season of America’s Got Talent. This was not a real shocker as Murphy is a very skilled and talented singer that reminds us of the “crooners” of old. he has a smooth style and a soulful voice that resonates with the older style of music. I think Team iLuminate was really better than the Silhouettes and should have been in second place, but nobody was better overall than Murphy. Congratulations to Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., winner of the 2011 season of America’s Got Talent.


  1. Shawty says

    Congratulations, Landau Eugene Murphy! No more car washes for you!!! :-) As soon as I heard you sing, I knew you would be right for Vegas. Congrats!!! BTW, Michael Bouble can’t hold a note to YOU!

  2. AGT says

    another singer win!!!! america got talent not american idol for all those singers wants to sing go to idol please or the Voice . American voters need to check up their channel before voting . DO YOU KNOW AMERICA GOT TALENT NOT AMERICA IDOL . CRAZY………………………………………………SHIT