Karaoke Battle USA Final Results: King and Queen Crowned Tonight

Karaoke Battle USA had the final competition tonight where one “Karaoke King” and one “Karaoke Queen” was crowned from the final four performers. Tonight, the competition was a little different as both the men and the women had to sing the same song in the first round. This gave the judges an opportunity to evaluate the contestants without the confusion of trying to compare different style songs. First up were the women as Shantel Norman and Cassandra Mae Jopp both sang Gloria Gainer’s “I Will Survive”. Both Shantel and Cassandra did a great job with this song but I think Shantel was slightly better as her version was more unique. The men were up next with Josh Scholl and Sammy Vijarro performing Elvis Presley’s hit “Suspicious Minds”. Both of these guys knocked it out of the park and we called it a dead tie here. In the second round, the contestants got to sing anything they wanted but were told to try and overcome some of the things the judges feel they need to fix. Josh Scholl was up first and he chose “Somebody to Love” by Queen. He has been told that he needs to get his vocals more consistent. Josh was evidently practicing a lot as this was his most consistent performance yet. Next, Sammy Vijarro sings “Crazy” and his vocals were almost perfect as always but he failed to “work” the crowd as he has done since the beginning. The girls were up next and Shantel Norman takes the stage singing “Son of a Preacher Man”. Shantel gives it her best tonight and manages her vocals almost perfectly. Finally, Cassandra Mae Jopp takes the stage and sings “Bring It On Home to Me”. Cassandra finally come out of her shell and commands the stage tonight. Karaoke Queen will be one tough decision for the judges. The contestants are brought on stage and Joey Fatone gives the Karaoke King USA title to Josh Scholl. After a little drama, Joey announces that Cassandra Mae Jopp is Karaoke Queen USA. Both contestants receive a recording contract and will represent the USA in the Karaoke World Championships to be held in Ireland. Congratulations to Cassandra Mae Jopp and Josh Scholl, winners of Karaoke Battle USA.


  1. Michael Thomas says

    I was at the world championships in Ireland last weekend… Josh was eliminated after top 10 round and Cassie Mae won the crown of World Champion!

  2. JeffD says

    I also think that Shantel should have won for karaoke Queen. She had way better stage presentation. I liked both guys -Josh had better stage presentation altho I luv the song “Crazy” that Sammy sang..

  3. Sandra says

    I think Cassandra was good but Shantel should have won. She was the better overall singer in my opinion. It was a no brainer for the men as Josh was WAAAAY better than Sammy.