X Factor USA 9/22 Review: Lots Of “Bad” Talent Tonight. Is Nicole Trying Too Hard?

X Factor USA had the second show tonight and we got to see the auditions from Miami and Dallas. There were tons of “bad” acts tonight and we got a lot more “fast forward” type approvals where we only caught a glimpse of the performers. Maybe Simon wanted to save the really good ones for the actual show. On a lighter note, Nicole Scherzinger went a little overboard tonight. She came across as the “outsider” trying to be accepted with the “in crowd.” From her tearful moments to her fake southern accent, Nicole was way over the top and should just settle down and do her job. Be yourself Nicole, that is why you are there.
The show opened in Miami with a singer named Ashley. Simon must love to showcase people who have no talent because I have heard dying cats that sounded better. Nick Voss, a bright haired singer, belts out with an Elvis song that is truly amazing. Nick gets 4 votes to continue. The next notable act from Miami was Melanie and she brought Nicole to tears with her Beyonce tribute. L.A. Reid loved her too and Simon almost had tears in his eyes as he gave her the final “yes” vote to continue.
Dallas had a lot better acts than Miami tonight, but that’s not saying much. Dexter, a homeless man that has suffered from the bad economy by losing his home and his life, started by singing “Sex Machine” and was stopped by Simon. Simon asked him to sing something else and he went with “It Is A Man’s World”. This was better than the first song but not really original. Dexter gets to go on though. Caitlin Koch is the last act to get through tonight and she has a “smoky tone” in her voice that shows a lot of promise.
That’s a wrap for the second episode of the X Factor USA. We will be covering the action each week here at Nerdles. Please let us know what you thought of the performers on X Factor USA tonight.