Abduction Review: Lautner Is Not A Hero

Abduction should have been a great movie since it was the first time in 6 years that John Singleton has sat in the director’s chair. Singleton still has what it takes in the directing department, but Abduction is a story that should have never been made. The visuals in this film are great and the scenes are everything you would expect from the man who gave us “Boyz N the Hood”. It falls flat everywhere else and even film veterans like Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina can’t make this screenplay work. The biggest problem is that the movie doesn’t take itself seriously. There is a lot of room for development when we see Lautner realize that his life was not really “right”. Instead we are thrust into a world that screams of being over the top and fake.  We get an hour and forty five minute showcase of Lautner and his co star Lilly Collins running from “unreal” enemies. Twilight Fans will be the only people who like this film just because they get to see their favorite werewolf. The action is boring, the plot is non existent, and the final showdown at the end is a big let down. If you are looking for a good action film this weekend, stay away from Abduction. Stay very far away! The trailer courtesy of You tube is below: