TV Premieres Sunday 9/25: Lots Of Choices Besides Football Tonight

There are lots of premieres tonight from some old standards to brand new shows that will give NBC a run for its money. NBC will host Sunday Night Football and it is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Indianapolis Colts starting just after 8pm eastern time. Below we show you all the new premieres tonight with each time slot. Fox is betting heavy on its cartoon line up while ABC and CBS are bringing out the big guns.

Eight O’clock Eastern:
FOX network starts out with the season premiere of “The Simpsons”, with an episode titled “The Falcon and the D’Ohman”, followed at 8:30 with the season premiere of “The Cleveland Show” titled “BFF’s”. CBS has the season premiere of “The Amazing Race” called “Kindness of Strangers” and this is the 19th season of Amazing Race.

Nine O’clock Eastern:
FOX continues the cartoons premieres with the “Family Guy” and an episode titled “Lottery Fever” and follows at 9:30 with “American Dad” and the episode is called “Hot Water”. ABC has the 8th season premiere of “Desperate Housewives” with an episode titled “Secrets That I Never Want to Know” and CBS rolls out the 3rd season premiere of “The Good Wife” with “A New Day”. HBO premieres the second season of the hit show “Boardwalk Empire” while the History Channel starts a new season of “Ice Road Truckers”. And finally, Lifetime Network gets the 3rd season of “Drop Dead Diva” going with “Change of Heart”

Ten O’clock Eastern:
ABC starts with a new pilot series called “Pan Am” and CBS premieres the 10th season of “CSI: Miami” with an episode called “Countermeasures”. Discovery Channel starts a new season of “Storm Chasers” with “Dixie Alley Outbreak” and E! launches a new show called “Dirty Soap” and the title is “Starting Over”. The History Channel has its second season of “IRT Deadliest Roads” called “The Death Road”. TLC launches back to back 30 minute episodes of “Long Island Medium” and the episodes are “No Turning Off” and “Driving Me Nuts”.

So that is a complete run down of all the premieres tonight. Which ones will you be watching and what will you have to TiVo?