Warner Bros Makes First Facebook Social Series: “Aim High” Will Let You Be On TV!

Warner Brothers Entertainment is embracing the “Social Media” craze by becoming the first studio to produce a social series on Facebook that will allow viewers to interact with a TV show. The new series “Aim High” is a story of about Nick Green, a high school junior by day who is one of our top spies by night. The series features Jackson Rathbone (“Twilight”), Aimee Teegarden (“Friday Night Lights”), and Greg Germann (“Ally McBeal”) and is directed by McG of “Charlie’s Angels” fame. It will launch on October 18th on Facebook. “Aim High” will be the first “Social Series” by a major company. By using Facebook, viewers will get to interact with a show in ways they have never before seen. Logged in users will see their picture on posters in the show or they will see their names plastered on a wall like graffiti. Users will also get to share “Tweets”, favorite scenes, and comments with others logged on through Facebook. Will users of Facebook stop watching the “boob tube” and come to the social network for an interactive adventure with a series? Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment are betting they will. You can check out the Aim High page on Facebook here. The premiere is set for October 18.

Images and Information provided by: Warner Entertainment Group PR


  1. victoria says

    I don’t see this taking off very well. I like the idea but watching a series via the web through my monitor is not as good as seeing it on my big screen TV. Now if I had internet TV then yes it would be the greatest.