X Factor USA 9/29 Results: Something Stinks In New Jersey

X Factor USA had the final audition episode tonight and we saw quite a few good acts but New Jersey gave us something that will make your ears bleed. Clarissa Cheatman came to the stage and butchered “Always Be My Baby” so badly that Simon almost passed out and Paula and Nicole looked like they were gonna hurl. I guess they need to show some of the bad auditions but this girl took the cake and was eating it while she sang. One must wonder why they do this to some contestants. Of course she was not sent on to boot camp. Now, New Jersey also provided us with some nice talent. Rapper Brian Bradley came up and impressed all the judges. He got a unanimous decision to continue on to boot camp. Aaron Surgeon did a wonderful rendition of “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” and surprisingly only got 3 votes to continue. Others that go to go on are Tora Woloshin, Liliana Andreano, Kelly Warner, Dorit Yehudai, and Joshua Blaylock. Cari Fletcher was another stand out tonight with her version of “Alone” and got 4 yes votes to continue (see video below). Another group called “Stereo Hogzz” got 4 votes along with another duo called “Austin and Emily”. Looks like there are quite a few groups and duos that will be competing this year. Brenin Hunt came prepared with an original song and got a unanimous decision to continue. Leroy Bell, the Brewer Boys, and another 14 year old named Nick Dean sang his own song to get the go ahead. The last contestant of the night is 16 year old Jazzlyn Little and she sings “I’m Going Down”. Her performance ends the show with a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. She gets 4 votes to continue. Check back next week for another update on X Factor USA.