The Sing Off Results 10/17: Two Groups Eliminated Tonight

The Sing Off had the top ten groups tonight sing in a split competition and two were eliminated. The opening of the show this week featured all the groups performing “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie. This was a fun and energetic number to watch and it amazes me every week to see these competitors come together as one group so well. Nobody tries to be a “hog” and they all share the spotlight well. Now tonight, the first five groups to perform are the Yellow Jackets, Delilah, North Shore, The Collective, and the Dartmouth Aires. The Yellow Jackets give us a very “geeky” version of “Wanabe” by the Spice Girls and it has to be the funniest number of the night. Delilah performs “What a Feeling” from Flashdance and actually made this song theirs with the lead singer giving us a “sexy” performance. The worst group in the first five were North Shore who performed a very bad “The Power Of Love” after changing from the song “M Bop” by the group Hansen. This was a big disappointment as they were so good last week. The Collective did Gloria Gayner proud tonight and was our favorite of the show. The Darmouth Aires were the last group in the first set and they did “Jessie’s Girl”. It was OK but not as good as last week.
The first elimination tonight went down to a choice of Delilah and North Shore and it was not surprise that North Shore went home. Delilah was much better tonight.

The second set consisted of Afro Blue, Pentatonix, the Deltones, Urban Method, and Vocal Point. Afro Blue took to the stage first and did “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and the nailed this song. These guys are great. Pentatonix was next with “Video Killed the Radio Star” and I liked it but it had some strange effects that the judges might not care for. The third group was the Deltones with a slow version of “Listen to Your Heart” and it was one of the worst performances tonight. You could see the judges cringing during the song. Urban method performed “Poison” tonight and they have to be the most unique group in the competition. I like the way they make each song original and their own. The last group of the second 5 was Vocal Point and they performed “Footloose”. These guys are great and their performances are fun to watch. Vocal Point was my second favorite of the night.
Now we get the second elimination and the bottom two are the Deltones and Afro Blue. This was another “no brainer” as the Deltones are eliminated.

We are now down to 8 groups in the Sing Off 2011. Check back next week as we will bring you another update on who goes home and who stays.


  1. Cindy says

    North Shore blew it tonight and should not have went with that song. they didn’t have the time to get it right in practice before tonight and it cost them the competition. Just goes to show you that you need to practice anything to get it right.