Survivor South Pacific Results 11-9: Cochran Might Be In Trouble

Survivor South Pacific opens tonight with Cochran being confronted about his switching alliances but the players have bigger things to worry about as this is a double elimination week. Two people will go home tonight. Cochran is a target but will the Upolu Tribe members support their traitor? Edna is a definite target too.
The immunity challenge is to toss coconuts into a target. The four best at target practice then have to go to the second round where they bust open the coconuts and carry the milk inside to a beaker. they have to sue their mouth to carry the milk. Dawn, Whitney, Jim, and Sophie are the top fours and start breaking open the coconuts. Jim and Sophie are the best at this and Jim only wins when Sophie hurls just before the end. Jim wins immunity.
The second immunity challenge is only between Jim, Whitney, and Dawn and they must balance on a beam while the others gorge themselves on fish. Jim is the first to fall. Dawn hangs in their for a while but then goes down. Whitney easily wins the second immunity challenge. Now Upolu has let it be known that they are behind Cochran 100% so this is keeping the old Savaii team members cautious.
Now on to the eliminations. Ozzy was sent packing to Redemption Island earlier in the show when Upolu backed up Cochran. In the final Tribal council, both Edna and Dawn are tossed around by a couple of members. In the end though, Jim is sent to Redemption Island and he will face off against Ozzy and Keith next week.
Check back next week for another update on Survivor South Pacific.
Photo: CBS