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X Factor USA Results 11-10: Only Ten Remain After One More Eliminated

The X Factor USA is getting ready for the second elimination this week. Who will be voted out this week? Stay here because we will be bringing you the results live right here on Nerdles. Tonight we have Willow Smith performing and that should be fun. The show has started and we have all eleven contestants singing “Who’s Gonna Save The World”. LA Reid starts off the show by apologizing to Melanie Amaro! He was pretty harsh last night and it is good he gets it out and lets it go. We are getting a recap of some of the drama from last night. The Stereo Hogzz were at the bottom last week and they were our least favorite this week. We area about to get started with the announcement of the 9 acts that will continue. Of course, the bottom two will have to face the judges to see which one goes home. The show has just went into the first break and we should be getting results soon.

Willow Smith is performing a hit from FireBall.
Some Singer named Jesse J performs a single called “Domino”. Commercial Break and we are promised results when they return.
8:33pm: We finally get all 11 acts out on stage and here come the results. All 9 will be announced now.
The ones staying are:
Stacy Francis
Melanie Amaro
Marcus Canty
LeRoy Bell
Rachel Crow
Josh Krajcik
Chris Rene

Lakoda Rain and Stereo Hogzz are the bottom tow this week and will have to sing for the judges. The judges will eliminate one of these two tonight.

8:45pm: The final showdown starts with Lakoda Rain and they are doing “No Air”. I thought it was OK but you can tell they were very nervous and it showed.

8:49pm: The Stereo Hogzz are doing “You Are Not Alone” and while it is not great, I think it is better than Lakoda Rain. Now it is up to the judges though.
8:55pm: Both Groups are on stage and the judges now have to make their decision.
LA Reid says Stereo Hogzz must go.
Nicole says Stereo Hogzz must go.
Paula says she won’t vote the votes to send home Lakoda Rain.
Simon says Stereo Hogzz must go.

So Lakoda Rain is saved and the Stereo Hogzz are sent home.

Check back next week as the top 10 will continue on X Factor USA.

Photo: FOX

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