Survivor South Pacific Recap 11/16: 2 Go Home And 2 More Get Voted Off

Survivor South Pacific is revving up the action tonight as we get a 3 way competition on Redemption Island plus another double elimination tonight. Ozzy, Keith, and Jim fight for their lives on Redemption Island tonight and two of them will go home. On the regular island, we will see another double elimination and it could spell trouble for Cochran, who is the traitor that switched from Savaii alliance to the Upolu alliance. The teams are in a frenzy from the spoilers and everyone is shocked with another double elimination. We will be covering the action live tonight and bringing you the updates as they happen. There will be two tribal councils again, just like last week. Upolu rallied behind Cochran last week but this second straight double elimination may cause them to cut him loose. Once he goes to Redemption Island, Cochran is surely gone from the show. Check back here at 8pm eastern time for a live recap of Survivor South Pacific.

The show opens with the Redemption Island challenge. The two losers will be on the Survivor Jury. They have to balance a board with two poles, one in each hand. If they lower their hands just a little then the poles will fall and they are out. Nobody is hoping Ozzy will win. Jim is out first. Keith is next to drop his poles and Ozzy is staying to fight another day.

The first immunity challenge has the contestants fill a bowl of rice and transport it across two see saws and then empty it into another bowl. They can’t touch the bowl with their hands at all. Cochran is failing miserably. All the contestants are having trouble. Dawn is in the lead followed by Sophie and Brandon. Sophie heads out with a huge bowl of rice and dumps it in to win immunity.

At the Tribal Council Jim and Keith are announced as jury members. There is a big discussion about how Coach is either leading the members or controlling them. Dawn is voted off by the tribe and she goes to Redemption Island. A twist is announced that it is a double elimination and there will be another immunity challenge and an immediate vote.

The second challenge it trivia. 4 people miss the first question. Cochran and Brandon miss the second question. The third question eliminates Coach so Whitney and Sophie are the last two. Sophie wins the challenge and gets immunity for the second time tonight. Now the voting starts. Whitney is eliminated.

Dawn and Whitney now go to Redemption Island and they will face off against Ozzy next week. Will Ozzy reign supreme or will Whitney or Dawn get back in the game? Check back next week for another live recap of Survivor South Pacific.

Photo: Survivor CBS