DWTS 11-21 Finale Live Blog: Complete Scores And Judges Critique

The Dancing With The Stars finale tonight will have the final three doing their last dances for the viewers and the judges tonight and we are bringing it to you live. Ricki Lake has been consistent through the whole season and has shown amazing improvement in her dancing ability. JR Martinez was a “man on a mission” this year and got the only double perfect score of the season. JR had a little trouble last week when he twisted his ankle but hopefully he is fully recovered tonight. Rob Kardashian is showing the world that a member of the famous family can make it without releasing a “dirty” video. For lack of a better phrase, Rob is the true Cinderella story this season. He started off a little stiff and dorky but finally got his game on and made it to the finals. This will be one of the tightest races in DWTS history this year as any one of these three contestants is capable of pulling off a win. Keep refreshing your browser or returning here to get the latest live results of the Dancing With The Stars Season 13 finale.
The show opens and goes straight into the dancing.
8:03pm: Ricki Lake is up first with a Cha Cha. She is very good as usual. Len says it was action packed and great but could have been a little more fluid. Bruno says it was very clean but lacked fluid in a couple of spots. Carrie Ann says she was living the dance tonight. She also says there were a few places where she faltered. After the commercial, we get the scores and Ricki receives a 27. To vote for Ricki call 1-800-868-3411.
8:16pm: Rob Kardashian takes the stage and is doing a Waltz. This is great and Rob really stepped it up again. Bruno says he messed up the footwork and the cross overs but he was flowing and graceful. Carrie Ann agrees. Len says it got a bit heavy in places but it was simply beautiful. Another commercial and now we get the scores. Rob scores 27 also. To vote for Rob call 1-800-868-3402.
8:25pm: J.R. Martinez is up now and he is doing a Cha Cha. OH YEA! JR is back and better than ever! He is so full of energy and is just having fun. He is the one to beat here. Carrie Ann can’t talk because the crowd is going wild. She says his musicality is off tonight and his arms were all over the place. Len says it was brave to dance alone and it wasn’t that good. he says he attacked it too much. Bruno says the mood was great but his character was spot on. Another break before the scores. JR gets a 24 with Len only giving him a 7. To vote for J.R. call 1-800-868-3410.

8:35pm: The Freestyle dance is next where each contestant gets to do anything they want.
8:37pm: Ricki Lake is up first. This is energetic and fun. Ricki is really letting it all hang out here. The overhead spin is wild! Len says it was fun and entertaining but she lost it a little in the quick step section. Bruno says it was an explosive coming out and combining a Salsa and a Quick Step was very hard but she did a good job at it. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno and says it was great. Ricki gets a 27 for a total of 54. To vote for Ricki call 1-800-868-3411.
8:55pm: Rob Kardashian does a wild freestyle that starts off slow and then picks up. Lots of lifts and twirls here. This is very good. Bruno calls it brilliant and confident. Carrie Ann says she was blown away. Len says he just gave his all. Rob gets a perfect 30 for a total of 57. To vote for Rob call 1-800-868-3402.
9:00pm: JR Martinez takes the stage and is wowing us once again. He doesn’t do as many lifts and twists as Ricki and Rob attempted but it is good and the ones he does are simply fantastic and the best of the night. Carrie Ann loves it and says the lifts were great. Len says it was fantastic. Bruno says it was a jungle tribal experience. JR gets a 30 for a total of 54. To vote for J.R. call 1-800-868-3410.

OK the voting is now open and yo have one hour to vote for your favorite. Tomorrow night, we will see who wins DWTS Season 13.

Photo: ABC


  1. margie says

    I can’t beleive Ricki Lake took 3 rd place she has been one of the best from start to finish . I think the Kardashians have paid people to vote

  2. Annette says

    What is goin on?!! How do you give Kardashian 9’s along with Ricki!!!!!? He has gotten better but should not be in the finals!!!

    Were you oaid off by the Kardashian empire?