X Factor USA Live Review: Who Was Best At Giving Thanks?

The X Factor USA is on again and we are live blogging all the action as it happens tonight in the Thanksgiving Special edition of X Factor. Will we see some really great performances tonight? Let’s hope Drew will finally break out of her shell and actually do a fast song. Maybe Chris Rene will WOW us once more. Who will be in the bottom two this week is anybody’s guess. Tomorrow night will have Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson performing and giving a few tips to the contestants. They both have very different styles so it will be interesting to see what advice they give. Two acts will be eliminated this week so the pressure is really on. Looks like only 7 acts will have something to give thanks for this week. Refresh your browser to see the latest live updates on X Factor USA.
The show opens with all the contestants giving thanks and it is announced that the act with the lowest votes is automatically eliminated and the second and third from the bottom will be in a sing off. Remember, to vote go to X Factor USA
Rachel Crow is the first to go on stage and she is doing “I Believe” and dedicating it to her mom and dad that adopted her. She is doing things a little different tonight and this is a good performance but I think her outfit is really wrong. LA says he wanted to be the bad guy but there is nothing he can criticize here. Nicole says she is an inspiration. Paula says she is an angel. Simon says it was great.
Marcus Canty is giving thanks to his mom also by singing “A song for momma”. This is very good and one of his best yet. Nicole is crying and says it was beautiful. Paula says he is honest and great. Simon says it was the first time he has connected with him and he is back in the competition.
Melanie Amaro is thanking GOD tonight because she says that GOD is the only one that has never let her down. She sings “World’s Greatest” and this is one emotional performance. Melanie breaks down into a speech after the song and has everybody up on their feet. Simon and Paula argue a little about her backup choir but this is one great job by Melanie.
Chris Rene is doing “Let It Be” and it is dedicated to the man, Tim, who helped him get through his addiction. He is actually singing and it is not too bad. Nicole says it was powerful and he is a blessing to the competition. Paula also says it was good. Simon says his first song didn’t work but the second one was great. He says Chris is helping others by admitting his problems. LA says he believes in him.
Lakoda Rain dedicates “You Belong To Me” to all the people who helped them get where they are today. LA tells them they got him excited this week. Simon tells them this is their best performance even though he throw in that the vocals were off in places. Paula says they were great.
LeRoy Bell does another dedication to his mother and sings “In The Arms Of An Angel”. LA says it was not Leroy’s best effort. Paula says it was great and LA is wrong. Simon disagrees with LA also and says he connected tonight.
Astro comes out and apologizes. He does an original song again and dedicates it to his fans. Simon, Paula, and Nicole all give him praise and even Simon seems to forget last week. LA says as long as he doesn’t throw another tantrum he should be fine.
Drew is doing another slow song called Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Paula and Nicole just say she is great. LA Reid must not like this girl as he talks about how Simon gives her the wrong songs. Simon counters by getting really testy with LA. This is a big feud brewing here.
Josh Krajcik end the night by doing “Wild Horses” for his daughter. This guy rocks it out again. LA says he has everything to win this. Paula offers more compliments. Simon quickly says great voice, and song! Nicole tells everyone she is so proud. He is clearly the best tonight.

The voting is now open so go to www.xfactorusa.com and cast your vote. Remember that the bottom act is automatically eliminated this week. Check back tomorrow for the results of the double elimination on The X Factor USA.

Photo: FOX