Biggest Loser Season 12 Results: Race For The Final Three

The Biggest Loser has a mad dash for the final three tonight with all of the contestants running in a Marathon where the winner is automatically in the final three. This gives everybody a chance and puts the final four of Antone, Vinny, John, and Becky ins a precarious situation. They thought that 1 of them will be eliminated tonight but now 2 of then could go home. The top 5 in the Marathon will also split a $50 thousand dollar prize. Can one of the past contestants get back in for the finals? Tune in to NBC at 9pm and watch Biggest Loser or keep refreshing your browser her to get the latest results. With the battle of the ages this season it has been a wild ride. The new twist for the final three will make this show one to watch.

The show starts with the final four each going back home and their stories of how they lost all the weight. Vinny is the best of this segment when he come out in Nashville and sings for his family and friends. Holy Cow! Vinny proposes to his fiance Lori on stage! She accepts by the way.

When all of the hoopla is over with the touching ceremonies and reunions, the final four head back for the Marathon. They find out that they will be running against all of the contestants and it is anybody’s game. The prizes are announced and they are $2,500 for 5th, $5,000 for 4th, $7,500 for 3rd, $10,000 for second and the winner gets $25,000 dollars courtesy of Walgreens. Ramon and Courtney are battling it out through the first 10 miles. All the contestants are in pain but these two seem to have the most determination. At the 20 mile mark and three hours into the race, Courtney is still in the lead and Ramon has fallen back. John has come out of nowhere and is now challenging her. Vinny is taken out by the Doctor.

At the end it is Ramon who is first, Courtney is second, John is third, Jessica is fourth, Patrick is fifth. Ramon is in the finals!

The final four now have their weigh in and Becky only loses 10 pounds. John loses 29 pounds. Vinny loses 28 pounds. This means that Becky is eliminated and John is guaranteed to be competing with Ramon in the finals. Now Anton takes the scales and he loses 30 pounds and takes the third spot in the finals.

Next week, John, Ramon, and Anton will compete in the finals of Biggest Loser 12 for $250,000 dollars.

Photo: NBC