Survivor South Pacific 12-14-2011: Who Gets Eliminated On Survivor?

Survivor South Pacific this week will bring the former Upolu Tribe members against each other because they are the only ones left. On Redemption Island Ozzy faces off against Edna and this should be another no brainer but we saw Cochran actually come on strong in his last battle so it could go either way. People play different when they are up against a wall and Edna is definitely up against one tonight. Keep checking here for our Live recap of Survivor South Pacific. The show opens with Coach talking of how all the alliances are getting thrown out the window tonight and the inner alliances will come out now. We will see where everyone’s loyalty lies because there are no more Tribes but just individuals.
Edna and Ozzy face off on Redemption Island. The challenge is a puzzle where they have to get a piece with a hatchet picture out of the slide puzzle. They then get a hatchet and have to chop down a bag that has block for another puzzle. The blocks have different colors on each side and they have to stack them so that each side has no repeating colors. Edna starts out slow but comes on strong with the help of the other Tribe members. They don’t want Ozzy to win! Edna almost get it but Ozzy comes out and wins! Edna is gone and the other Tribe members now have to face Ozzy in the competition again. Brandon get to choose one person to share the pizza and he chooses Cowboy Rick.

The immunity challenge today is climbing a wall while collecting puzzle pieces. they have to sort the pieces into pairs on a board. Two pieces will not fit but will reveal a code that opens a box on top of the wall. Once they get the code, they go open the box and raise their flag. Albert starts slow but it is neck and neck. This is very close and all teams are still close. Rick and Brandon are first to get all the pieces followed by Coach. Sophie is so tired she can’t climb the wall anymore. She finally gets it and Albert is right behind her. Brandon is first to get the numbers followed by Coach. Brandon wins immunity and gets Pizza delivered to him on the island!

With Brandon getting immunity, tensions are flaring and Albert is clearly in jeopardy. Rick and Brandon almost fight in an argument and Sophie goes off on him also. Albert is really working on Brandon trying to keep his vote. It seems to be working as Brandon even offers to give him the immunity idol saying he is not going to let Albert be eliminated. He goes to Coach and tells him what he thinks. Now Coach is in a real bad situation.

At the Tribal council, we get a little recap of the events. Brandon shocks everybody and gives the immunity idol to Albert. He says he is staying true to his word and he has done that the whole show. The put Albert on the spot but he is not going to give the idol back. We see that the vote is split between Brandon and Sophie and Coach is the deciding vote. Coach voted for Brandon and stabs him in the back. Brandon is voted off and is now going to Redemption Island.
Photo: NBC