X Factor USA 12-14: Final Four Perform For The Judges

The X Factor USA will have the final four performing tonight and the judges will give us their take on each performer. Josh Krajcik has been strong and steady but has suffered in a few spots. Melanie Amaro came out big a few weeks ago and she has been belting it out ever since. Chris Rene keeps astonishing us with hi talent and really shined last week with his original ballad. Marcus Canty should be called the comeback kid because he has survived elimination three weeks in a row after being in the bottom two each week. So what will tonight have in store for us? Tonight, we will finally see the Pepsi challenge after it was delayed from last week. The contestants will be performing a song that the fans voted on for them to sing. Look for a lot of surprises. Keep refreshing your browser for the latest updates on the X Factor USA as they happen.

The show opens and the Pepsi Challenge songs are first:
Marcus Canty takes the stage and does “I’ll Make Love To You” and he is really putting it out there tonight! LA, Paula, and Nicole all like it but Simon has different thoughts. He says that Marcus just did a karaoke number and didn’t make the song his own. He also took a digg on the song choice by his mentor.
Chris Rene gets “Fly” as his song. This is a great song for him. All the judges again like it except Simon. He tells Chris that he just didn’t think he was really into it tonight.
Melanie Amaro sings “Hero” and she is unstoppable again. The judges all love this and we do also. She is the one to beat here. LA says it was predictable and Simon fires back at him.

Josh Krajcik does “Come Together” and it is perfect for him. I like the way he takes this song and does it with his powerful voice. Simon and LA both say he has come back strong from last week.

The next round starts and Marcus Canty sings “Careless Whisper”. This is not his best effort in my opinion but the judges like it. Simon is still on the rag as he calls it Horrific.

Chris Rene does an Alicia Keys song and Nicole says she agrees with Simon that he hasn’t got the best voice here but his attitude and confidence is what makes him amazing. Paula agrees. Simon says he asked for him to deliver and he came out here and delivered tonight. He says Chris has heart.

Melanie Amaro is singing “Feeling Good” and she delivers again. LA Reid can find nothing and even tell her this was a great comeback. Simon says she is the reason he brought the show to America.

Josh Krajcik is the final performer and he is doing “Hallelujah”. This is really slow and he is doing his best but it doesn’t suit his style to me. LA says he was not that good. In a surprise shocker, Simon and Paula both agree that this was one of his best.

OK voting is open so go to www.thexfactorusa.com to cast your vote. There is bottom two now and it is all up to the fans to vote for their favorite.

Photo: FOX