Who Wins The X Factor USA 12-22-2011? (Live Results)

The X Factor USA results show is tonight and Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro, or Chris Rene will be the first winner of the US version of the show. Chris Rene seems to be the underdog here but he is original and has a lot of potential. He has had a few missteps this season but we have to say that he is the most original of all three finalists. Josh Krajcik has a voice that is like no other. His main weakness is that he seems more one dimensional than the other finalists because of his voice. Does he have the sway power with the fans? Josh could be a great “Rock” artist but today’s music is less “Rock” and more “Pop.” Melanie Amaro seems to be the fan favorite here. She has a great voice and attitude but do we need another singer like Beyonce or Mariah? America will decide tonight in a 2 hour season finale that will feature stars like Justin Beiber. We will be covering the results live so keep checking back here for the results.
The show opens with a group song by the final 12 acts!
Melanie Amaro comes out and sings “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. She’s having fun here and this is good to see them without the pressure of the competition.
Chris Rene sings “have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” It’s good to see him really singing again. I think it is better than when he raps.
Josh Krajcik is singing “The Christmas Blues.” This is another hit! Josh is nailing his final song!
OK, it is Bieber Time! He comes out and is hamming it up for the audience. Looks like he found the Michael Jackson old wardrobe department. He is wearing this green and black jump suit. Finally, Stevie Wonder takes over and we get to hear some real talent! Justin wouldn’t be so bad if he would stop all the “yea yea yea” crap in between each line. OK now he brings out Drew and gives her a hug. He actually has to slow down the song for her! LOL!
Now is the time for the first result. The act that finished in third is Chris Rene.
Now we get the most shocking moments of the season!
Leona Lewis performs!
Now we see a recap of the battle between LA Reid and Simon from this season!
Derrick Fisher is on stage and he brings out 50 Cent!

Pitbull and Neo are out now. This should be the signaling that time is running short and we will have a winner soon.
Josh and Melanie now do a duet. They are singing “We Could Be Heroes.” This is good and they are really relaxed tonight, even though they are still waiting to know who wins.

OK, it is crunch time. We have the contestants out on stage and here is the announcement!
Josh Krajcik is the runner up. Melanie Amaro wins the first X Factor USA title and $5,000,000.
Photo: FOX


  1. ChrisR says

    Chris is the most original of the final three, I think he deserves to win but this is proabably rigged to get Simon’s act a contract! We will see what happens.

  2. toolong says

    This finale is a big fiasco with 2 hours. I mean talking about milking the advertisers and the public, this is ridiculous!