The Bourne Legacy in Manila

Just as the cast and crew of The Bourne Legacy invades Manila, Universal Pictures releases their brand-spankin’ new teaser poster for the fourth Hollywood installment of Robert Ludlum’s mega-popular Bourne novels.

As you can see from the new poster, yes, Jeremy Renner is the new star of the serious as Matt Damon leaves the franchise. Maybe it’s just temporary, maybe it’s not. But we’ve heard Damon could make a comeback. Bourne as a character, however, will not be in the movie. So all you die-hard Damon-Bourne fans can relax a bit because Jeremy Renner won’t necessarily be taking over his character. Rather, Renner will be playing as another agent named Aaron Cross who is in the same line of business as Bourne. If you’ve seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, then I’m sure you’d agree with me that Renner definitely has the acting chops for this latest Bourne film.

The cast and crew will be taking over different parts of the Philippines for about 45 days. Over the past few days, they’ve been filming at the Novatos Fish Port (the third largest in Asia) where they blow up a boat. We got a quick shot of Renner off camera and of Rachel Weisz running through a crowded alley in Manila (the capital city) below.

The Bourne Legacy shoot 1

Jeremy Renner during filming of The Bourne Legacy in the Philippines.


The Bourne Legacy shoot 2

Rachel Weisz runs through a crowded Manila alley.

Our sources tell us the film’s next shooting location will be in Intramuros (literally means “within the walls”, it is the oldest district in Manila that used to be a walled, fortified city for the Spaniards when the Spanish colonized the country way back in the day). From what we’ve seen, security is pretty tight in the area. Traffic has been rerouted, and not even media personnel are allowed inside. Looks like we’re at the right place then.

Somehow, someway we’ll get one of our Nerdle Ninjas in through security to snap a few more photos for you. We still haven’t gotten one yet of Edward Norton. You’d think it’d be pretty easy to snap a pic of The Hulk, right? But be sure to bookmark Nerdles on your browsers for the latest updates on The Bourne Legacy filming.


  1. Betsy says

    A five year old could’ve made that bland “Bourne Legacy” poster. Lame. They should have Jeremy’s face on there.