The Bachelor 1/30/12 Live Blog: The Most Naked Episode Yet?

The girls get into a tight competition tonight – literally – as they battle against each other on a surprise baseball game in the famous Roberto Clemente Baseball Stadium in Puerto Rico. The prize? a beach-side after party with Ben. Also, someone gets down and dirty with Ben on a sensational skinny dipping scene turning tonight’s episode to be the most naked one yet! Find out which one becomes MVP, which ones are gonna strike out and which one goes skinny dipping with Ben on tonight’s episode of the Bachelor. Don’t miss out as we give you the freshest updates live only here on Nerdles.

Nicki gets the first date card tonight with the usual pang of jealousy and bashing from her co-bachelorettes (I bet it’s a bachelor tradition by now). On the other hand, good news! (or not?) All of the girls this episode gets a chance to be with Ben on a group date and two one-on-one dates.

The divorcee and dental hygienist Nicki spends some unexpected time in the rain with Ben which completely ruined the bachelor’s date plan. The couple resorts to Plan B and buys some new clothes for the rest of the day in the old city of San Juan. Next, they attend a nice wedding where Ben asks Nicki about her experience from her former marriage. Ben chatters about his wish on walking out this season with a girl to marry and Nicki blushes as she talks about a second chance for a fairytale wedding…blah.blah.blah.

Nicki opens herself more to Ben (OMG!) on trust issues with her former husband. Back on the hotel, the girls talk about deserving their one-on-one dates with Mr. Flajnik. Fortunately, Ben gives Nicki a rose meaning she doesn’t have to go home tonight (I’ll bet for any girl in the competition right now just not on Courtney). Meanwhile, the game is on as they arrive at the Roberto Clemente Stadium. Some girls impress Ben with their athleticism while some were barely even able to throw a ball. Chris surprises the girls as he announces the game’s twist – the winning team gets to be with Ben on a beach after-party and the losers go back to the hotel…alone and uninvited. Lindsie was chosen MVP and the two teams (red and blue) compete on a 6-6 run. Surprisingly, Courtney plays fairly well (Hey, who ever said bitches can’t be good at sports?).

INTENSE – yes, that’s the word Ben used when the red team manages to lead with 10-9 and wins after Jennifer strikes out sending her and the blue team back to the hotel. The 5 lucky bachelorettes hop on the helicopter with their prize – more time with Ben. After the break, the cry babies (blue team) have their moment with the camera. Back to the party, Kacie B. worries Courtney (yay! go Kacie B.!) as Ben engages in an emphatic and a definitely serious conversation with Kacie B.

“I don’t need roses, I need more time,” says Courtney bitterly as Kacie B. accepts the rose from Ben. Courtney indeed doesn’t need roses as she steals the scene asking Ben for a a skinny dipping later tonight (I’m really starting to hate her). After the party, Elyse gets her first one-on-one with Ben and another emotional interview with the usual cry-girl talk. She brightens up as Ben brings her to a yacht date. Elyse strips down on her leopard bikinis and swims with Ben. Unfortunately, her sexy bikinis were not enough to keep her in the competition. Ben breaks the news during a romantic dinner…and Elyse leaves without a rose but tears in her eyes. Awwww.

Just when everyone thought the night was over, Courtney sneaks up on Ben to invite him for a skinny dipping by the beach (I really hate it when she pouts her lips). They get frisky over wine and Courtney finally strips off with Ben following her astounded by the sight. The camera shows the two getting into some intense lip action and A LOT of blurs.

Emily gets to talk with Ben and tells him her thoughts about Courtney. Emily breaks down when Ben basically tells her to not meddle with matters going on between him and Courtney. The night gets tougher as Ben announces who stays and who leaves tonight. Nicki, Kacie B., Lindzie, Jamie, Rachel, Courtney, Casie, Blakely and Emily receive roses while Jennifer takes the first flight back home. Stay tuned in for live updates next week when the remaining girls go to Panama only to be surprised for something nobody expected to happen.

Photo courtesy of The Bachelor