American Idol 2/1/12 Live Blog: Portland Talents Craze AI Judges

Idol hopefuls gather today at Portland, Oregon to audition and get into the cut for the next American Idol. The eclectic bunch of talents craze the judges as hopefuls range from talented, extremely talented to just NUTS! (and of course, a sprinkle of misfits here and there) Also, find out why Steven would shout the ‘F’ word on tonight’s episode of American Idol with live updates only here on!

First audition by a Sarah Bareilles fan comes off pretty (she looks cute without the glasses) and impresses the judges but the next one hits the stage with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way – guess what? It was terrible and the AI editing team even had fun playing with the guy’s chipmunk voice! Haha! A gentle giant graces the AI auditions and leaves with the golden ticket in hand. The second day of auditions started off with Jennifer’s wardrobe malfunction (someone stole her tights) and a raspy session with a 27-year old single mom named Jessica who definitely got the ticket to Hollywood.

David Weed (weird name, right) disappoints the judges with some nerve-wrecking strange performance (did he smoke something?). A Liberian refugee comes in next and tells the story of how his family survived the civil war. Thankfully, he sounded like the next Bob Marley but Jennifer worries that his voice won’t be versatile enough once the competition’s pressure creeps up on him. Naomi, the next one to audition rocked the stage as she sang one of Steven’s song. Naomi stood out from the rest of other idol hopefuls as she belted out her vocals for the judges making a good first impression (is she the one? ‘coz I think she is). Afterwards, a series of unfortunate hopefuls face reality as they go home without the golden ticket. The losing spree irate the judges a little and the next thing I knew? I heard Steven shout “What the ****!” (fortunately, that AI logo shut him off before kids hear what he just said).

A new drama unfolds as a hopeful recounts the story of her boyfriend who had a massive stroke and completely forgot her. Awww…but really, I think the drama’s part of the criteria for judging, don’t you think so? Find out on the next episode of American Idol as we continue to give you the juiciest news here on Nerdles.

Photo courtesy of American Idol.