American Idol 2/2/12 Live Blog: Finding the Next Carrie Underwood

Steven, Jennifer and Randy set out for St. Louis, Missouri on tonight’s episode of American Idol. Dubbed as the “Gateway to Success,” St. Louis has been known to be a hot spot for the best talents the idol stage has ever witnessed…like, let’s see…Carrie Underwood! Also, watch out for Madonna’s new music video exclusive on this episode of American Idol! Tune in for a blow-by-blow update only here on Nerdles.

Our first contestant, a surfer from central California, impresses everyone with his high-pitched voice. In fact, the judges even wanted him to continue singing even after the audition itself (what a way to start the auditions!). The next idol hopeful is a single mom and a former professional singer whose dreams were crushed after marriage. She gets her second chance in the idol stage with her daughter who looks very cute, by the way. haha!

As usual, another series of unfortunate hopefuls hit a dead end. The judges concentrate to attract positive energy to the idol stage and believe it or not, it worked! a hometown boy from St. Louis sings like an angel after which a son of a former drug addict sings “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain beautiful enough to get him a ticket to Hollywood.

A hotel manager graces the stage and insists on singing another song after being dumped by the judges. Thankfully, the judges said NO (he has problems with the melody according to Steven). Another bunch of auditioners following our last contestant fail to get the golden ticket but judges never lose hope on finding the next Carrie Underwood tonight. The previews are definitely promising as one of the best female voices are heard on the idol stage!

The next American Idol might have finally stepped on the stage today as a wedding coordinator, Lauren Grey, sings an Adelle classic which makes Jennifer emotional and teary eyed. “That girl can sing, I mean..WOW,” says Randy. “I only have two words today, LAUREN GREY!” added Jennifer. Remember that name and stay updated on the next episodes when the competition tightens up in Hollywood next week with live updates only here on the site of the nerds, by the nerds and for the nerds – Nerdles!