The Big Bang Theory 2/2/12 LIVE Recap: Selfish Sheldon & Wolowitz’ Astronaut Name

Sheldon’s selfishness gets the best of him and the worst of his friends. His ridiculous demands force Leonard to rethink their friendship. At the same time, Wolowitz tries to decide on his astronaut nickname. Keep it locked here on Nerdles for a live recap of tonight’s latest episode of everyone’s favorite TV nerds!

The Roommate Agreement goes bust when Sheldon demands (with threats too) that Leonard take him to the dentist. Leonard refuses and this makes Sheldon go mad, and they both to decide to null the infamous, many-paged, and notarized Roommate Agreement.

Astronaut names Raj comes up with: Howard “Buzz Lightyear” Wolowitz, “Crash” Wolowitz (not the best of names for someone riding a shuttle up to space, right?), and finally he comes upon a much better name: Howard “Rocketman” Wolowitz!

Meanwhile, Leonard “Sock Mouth” tries to make amends with Leonard. But as usual, Sheldon doesn’t give in until a blackout happens in their apartment. At the same time, Penny dashes in to make sure it’s the entire apartment and not her unit alone that’s without power. Apparently, there was once a time when Penny tried paying the electric company with a Starbucks gift certificate, and sweet note, and an even sweeter half-naked photo of herself. Didi’t work though. I don’t see why not.

Not wanting to spend time alone, Sheldon tries to lure Leonard back and make him reinstate the Roommate Agreement. Leonard decides to head back to Penny’s place for some wine and kissing. Of course, Sheldon interrupts them and Penny feels sad for Sheldon so she ends their makeout session so Howard can make amends with Sheldon.

As the power finally goes back on, Sheldon persuades Leonard to reinstate the Roommate Agreement with an addendum to appease Leonard. They create “Leonard’s Day” where Sheldon says “thank you” whenever Leonard does him a favor, and where Leonard gets a card. Wow. In the end, it turns out the “someone” had gone to the building’s basement and pulled out one of the breakers. I wonder who the culprit is (it’s the guy in the photo with the smaller glow “stick”).

Back to Raj and Howard, they create a ringtone for Astronaut Wolowitz – it’s the Rocketman song. During a Skyped conference call with NASA, Howard gets a call and his Rocketman ringtone starts ringing. It’s his mother. He ignores her call, so she screams out: “Howard, your Fruit Loops are getting soggy!” Her voice catches the attention of Wolowitz’ fellow astronauts online, and guess what name they finally bestow upon him? It definitely ain’t “Rocketman” as Howard had hoped. Instead, from this day on forward, Wolowitz’ astronaut name shall now be known as “Fruit Loops.”

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      Thanks Geeze. I had a little a mix up with their names in the middle of the article there. These articles are live blogged so sometimes I get caught up laughing while writing during the show. But we appreciate you pointing that out. YOU’RE going to love the next recap because we’ll definitely tried to hold back our laughter and get all their names STRAIGHT this time around. Thanks!