Two And A Half Men Live Recap 2/6/12: Walden Learns How to Satisfy The Duchess

Tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men entitled “The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack” comes off with a lot of sex – yes, a lot of DULL sex (what’s up with TV this week? it’s all about sex!). Walden faces a big problem as Zoey does not seem to be enjoying their time in bed together that much (Either Walden doesn’t know where to hit the mark or Zoey’s just outright numb). Stay tuned only here on Nerdles for the freshest updates on tonight’s show!

Zoey and Walden get stoned after eating Bertha’s pot cupcakes which makes Zoey completely lose her mind. Walden looks for her girlfriend and gets home to find a different Zoey in the house (the kids after being stoned manages to bring a different Zoey home). Zoey’s ex-husband shows up and gets insecure over Walden’s billion dollar career. Walden spends some cute, English time with Zoey’s daughter before they hit off the zoo for some bonding time (haha I find Ashton’s English accent to be very entertaining!).

Zoey gets wild and dirty as she tries to avoid being dull in sex and admits to Alan how she gets an awful lot of orgasms once his man understands her pleasure points (yes, while she was stoned the other night). Walden finally gets Zoey’s tickle bone in bed satisfying the duchess of dull-in-sack for the first time ever! Watch out for next week’s episode with live updates only here on the site made by nerds, of the nerds and for the nerds – Nerdles!

Photo Courtesy of Two and a Half Men.