American Idol 2/8/12 Live Blog: Trimming The Fat In Hollywood

Okay, I’m personally excited for American Idol tonight. 309 contestants vie to get in the cut for the next American Idol. Unfortunately, half of them will go home tonight which also means a hard time for our judges and a lot of pressure for the hopefuls. Watch the tension rise tonight as every idol hopeful battles it out against each other on the latest season of American Idol.

Speaking of pressure, Hijun walks nervously towards the stage telling the camera of his insecurities over other contestants being beautiful, tall and handsome (Hey, I’m not being racist here, he’s the one who said that!). Johnny manages to get into the cut with Hijun for the first batch of  yesses.

Jen Hirsch and Lauren Gray wows the judges once more as they belt out another round of amazing vocals. Guess what? They get in. No surprise in that, right? The next few hopefuls get trimmed off because they suck. Philip Philips sings next – he was a little shaky without the guitar, but I don’t know, I’m not even a judge! Reed is next with a Willy Wonka song “I got a Golden Ticket” (that’s witty! right?). An overwhelming response from the audience ends Reed’s performance which I think he deserves after that mesmerizing moment on idol stage. Another miscellaneous bunch of contestants drop like flies for the first day of tonight’s episode.

If you thought that first day was exciting, well…the second day is orgasmic! Jane Carrey (Jim Carrey’s daughter) auditions for the second time and unfortunately doesn’t make it…awwww. Also, previews are showing a girl falling off the idol stage after auditioning. What happened to her? I can’t say! The show’s still on break…so wait for it as we continue to give you the freshest updates on tonight’s episode of American Idol season 11!

Okay, we’re back. Another anonymous batch gets trimmed which leaves another solid bloc of talents for the next episodes only to be eliminated.  A 17-year old man’s man from L.A. hits the stage with woman-like vocals – David (you read that right, woman-like!). Jessica Philips from New York sings an emotional number dedicated to her boyfriend who recently had a stroke. Also, an NBA cheerleader – Britney, gets into the cut along with Shanon and Aspen auditioner Angie.

DJ Erika Van Pelt stands out early after the lunch break. Music teacher Aaron Marcellus also manages to impress the ladies, including Jennifer Lopez to which Aaron dedicated his number. Next up, Lauren Mink and Jeremy Rosado steps the idol stage – Jeremy gets in the cut, but Lauren unfortunately gets kicked off. The 16-year old Symone Black sings beautifully but eventually falls off the stage unconscious. What happened to her? Why did she fall unconscious? Find out on the next episode of American Idol only here on the site where live updates are our specialty – NERDLES!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.