American Idol 2/9/12 Live Blog: The Idol Bug Spreads In Hollywood

Group nights! A terrible sickness spreads among our idols on tonight’s episode of American Idol. This same sickness dubbed as the “Idol bug” causes a lot more contestants to fall unconscious out of sickness. Watch the drama unfold on the first sleepless night for idol hopefuls only here on the site where we serve you a daily dose of fresh updates – nerdles!

So, how is Symone Black? after that cliffhanger episode last night, it so happens that Symone was dehydrated and doctors prescribed medicine to re-hydrate her and immediately let her come back to the auditions. A day after the solo auditions however marked the spread of a flu virus that plagued a bunch of idol hopefuls (I think I got one, too) impairing their ability to sing.

Things become worse as the group performances pressure sick idol contestants. On the other hand, Hijun and his team get into a fight over “democratic participation” and decides to wrap things up early without finishing their practice (what a bummer, but I’d rather prefer that than stay up late with flu and continue practicing). Most of the groups manage to find their harmony and hopefully, they’ll do good for tomorrow’s round of performances.

Tired, exhausted, frustrated – idol contestants become more aggressive on this stage of the competition as only 24 hopefuls will make it to the cut. Some groups mesh up well with each other but most of them find conflict as they are pushed to the limit trying to perfect their group performances for tomorrow. The Bettys are up first for the group performance which pressured the team even more. With some of the members at the brink of giving up (they really want to sleep already, but they can’t! what a torture!), will the Bettys make it to the final 24? watch out for the next episode of American Idol season 11 as more contestants LITERALLY fall from the idol stage after a horrible night of endurance, patience and Oscillo (for the flu, you know). Haaaaachooo! Oops, that’s enough for today! See you next time for another episode of American Idol only here on Nerdles. Aaaaaachoooo!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.


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    What a waste of our time last evening to watch Idol!! If you are going to do that every year your Show will be done….there was nothing worth watching….the groups were pathetic!