The Big Bang Theory Recap LIVE 2/9/12: The Vacation Solution

The Nerds are back! On today’s episode, Sheldon is forced to use his vacation time against his will. (He sure does love his work!) The show opens with the four nerds having lunch when the President of the university tells Sheldon that he must use his vacation leave, and to stop leaving suggestion boxes everywhere (especially next to the urinals in the bathroom).

Back from the commercial break, Leonard is on his way to work singing to a Black Eyed Peas song when he gets startled by Sheldon popping out of a pile of blankets in the back seat. It turns out Sheldon was trying to sneak into work. He tells Leonard to tell the guard that there’s a monster under the sheets he’s hiding when he gets to the university.

Over to the ladies, Penny and Amy talk about Bernadette’s and Howard’s wedding. Howard gets Bernadette to send out their wedding invitations in Klingon (Bernadette hopes her relatives think it’s Hebrew). Even worse, since Bernadette is the breadwinner of the relationship, her father wants her to get a pre-nuptial agreement before the two tie the knot. Wowza! Wonder how she tells Howard about that.

Meanwhile, Penny and her big mouth tells Leonard the juicy news that Bernadette wants a prenup. Leonard tells Raj. And finally, he tells Howard himself. He’s pretty shocked at the news, and initially, he acts as if it’s no big deal. He actually thinks it’s a good deal because he’s got some rare comic books to protect, and also a plot at a cemetery next to his mother.

On to the “Shamy,” Sheldon has the great idea of working with Amy during his “vacation” time. While he works, his elitist attitude pops up again as he complains that Amy is giving him the simplest things to do because she’s afraid that he’ll show her up. But really, Sheldon is a big baby and even a “genius” like him isn’t too skilled at “biology.” While cutting up a brain, he asks Amy why it’s bleeding. She tells him it’s not the brain, it’s his thumb. He takes one look at the blood, and Sheldon the genius biologist, faints.

At the bar of the Cheesecake factory, Howard and Sheldon (yes, the both of them) are about to get some drinks when Penny sets the both of them straight. Sheldon apologizes as best as he can to Amy. Howard and Bernadette patch things up. Howard is upset because he only found out about the news through the “nerdvine.” But Bernadette doesn’t really want a prenup, so Howard offers to speak to her dad. Problem solved! Well, that is until Bernadette tells Howard that her father still carries a gun from the Air Force and other scary news about her dad. Howard is still cool with it though. Howard will just give him a call when he’s up in space. Yes, they have phones up there.

That’s it for tonight’s episode, make sure to bookmark Nerdles for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory next week!