The Mentalist 2/9/12 Recap LIVE: When Innocence Can’t Protect You In Court, Patrick Jane Can

Patrick Jane tries to prove that a girl is innocent on an account of murder for the death of her former lover. The prosecution poses a challenge for Patrick as they try to point the murder to Eve Mulberry (the innocent girl). Guess what? Challenge accepted. Find out how Patrick proves Eve’s innocence simply by observing her non-verbal actions and some killer-hunting action on the latest episode of the Mentalist only here where live updates are served hot and fresh – nerldles!

Patrick and Teresa come over to Eve’s house asking about the incident with Carlos. It turns out that the dance instructor had an affair with Eve. The awful thing here is that Patrick was able to expose this fact in the presence of Eve’s husband. Bummer, right? Eve’s sister and bestfriend enter the scene and Patrick immediately comes up with a list of three suspects – Eve’s husband, Eve’s sister and Eve’s bestfriend. While they are poking with an unofficial case, the team nonetheless does their job seriously – Agent Grace and Patrick pays a visit to Agent Silva (the cop who handled Eve’s case) and eventually finds out that one of the suspects was not even interviewed by authorities. Hmmm.. smells fishy.

As they are led to another witness who points Eve as the suspect, Patrick maneuvers the case which leads them back to Eve. Meanwhile back in CBI headquarters, an asset volunteers to stage as bait to Terry Murphy – a known criminal with whom Carlos made contact with the very day before his murder. The asset goes overboard but manages to fish out something big from Murphy which leads to a rather violent escape. Thankfully, CBI agents Kimball and Wayne came into the scene to cuff Murphy up before he climbs out the ┬áchicken wire.

The bureau questions Murphy and Patrick sets up a trap involving Murphy himself (without him knowing it, of course). Eve and her husband visit the bureau while Patrick and Teresa gives off a wonderful performance giving the pretense that they have hard evidence linking the murder to Murphy instead of Eve. Eve’s husband responds suspiciously and leaves with her wife. With one hour before the verdict on Eve is read, CBI meets up with the killer on a trap that would hopefully save an innocent girl from a lifetime in jail.

The civilian asset CBI used earlier, Summer, gets into some tight kissing action with Kimball while in the elevator (oops. not for the kids!) while Eve’s verdict is being read. Patrick and the team gets to the court in time to turn the tables around and set Eve free thereby jailing her bestfriend as the killer. Stay tuned in for the freshest dose of some mental action with Patrick Jane and the CBI team only here on Nerdles.


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